Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year / All that polava / Is it okay for dogs to breastfeed cats?

I took a picture of myself cos I'm new to instagram okay that's it don't question me.

The chubbiness of my face in that picture tortures my life, I JUST HAVE BIG CHEEKS OKAY (stop it now, you're making your own jokes).

Anyway my dear reader, did you have a merry Christmas? Yes I had a wonderful one thank you very much. That was me assuming you asked me that question back, if not, rude.

As I was saying I had a wonderful Christmas, I got a Samsung Tablet or something like that, I'm not really one hundred percent sure what it is or why my dad gave it to me or how much it costs or how cool it is to own one, but I have one and I love it! I don't have a mobile phone but this can function as one so that's rad, I know I know, "JOSEF, HOOOOOOAAAWWWW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT A MOBILE PHONE? IF I DON'T HAVE MINE FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR I LOSE MY MIND" I've heard it a million times, and I'll tell you what I tell all my iphone-wielding friends, you are bonkers. I don't feel the need to be in constant connection with the internet, it just seems a little unnecessary.

And sure I constantly fail at meeting up with my friends and then I think they've ditched me and then I make a fool of myself by launching into a soliloquy about how if they didn't want to be friends they should have just said so because I am a mature grown-up who can handle it before realizing they said quarter to three not quarter past three, at which point I am subject once again to the apparent reason why I NEED A PHONE IT IS NECCESARY TO FUNCTION FOR GOD SAKE JOE.
Whatever, I have one now and I know how it works almost. I can send a text, I don't know who I'm sending it too but I see the little animation of the mail and I know it goes somewhere and that is exhilarating.
Something rather unexpected occurred during actual Christmas Day actually, and I’ve been arguing with my friends that it is cute as apposed to creepy. But I must ask you reader, is this normal?
Yes that is my dog breastfeeding my kitten, the thing is my dog is only just over one years old, it’s all a bit adorable but my friends think its gross, opinion?

In terms of games I got Mass Effect 3 finally and that new Deus Ex game :) I'm very excited, maybe I'll text how excited I am randomly to a friend! Is that how texting works? Well I can't sit around and wait for your answer so I'll just do it anyway.

Next post'll be about New Years resolutions, woo yea crafting impossible expectations for myself yolo

How was your holiday season? :)


Chalgyr Vokel said...

My holiday was very nice - relaxing with more time off coming up soon. I actually only got 1 game - Guild Wars 2 - just before Christmas, though my wife got me a shiny new Blackberry Tablet I've been having a good deal of fun with.

Never played Deus Ex - I've wanted to, just haven't yet. Loved ME 3 though.

As for the critter picture? It strikes me more as 'odd' than anything else, lol. Have a good one!

Josef Burn said...

I'm glad you had a good time like me Chalgyr :) And we're tablet buddies! (kind of)

You really must play Deus Ex at some point, I still haven't played the sequels but the original was and is just soooo refreshing for the FPS genre, it is way ahead of its time I think :)